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How To Clean Electric Grill? Complete Guide

In this article, you are shown how to clean electric grills so that you don’t stress about this process every time you want to grill meat.

Finding it difficult to clean your new electric grill after your barbeque party? Tired of the tough grease deposits on your grill that refuse to budge? Well, in this article, we will show you how to clean an electric grill properly so that the idea of cleaning it does not scare you away from utilizing it the next time you are craving some grilled meat.

How To Clean Electric Grill?

About Electric Grills

Electric grills have revolutionized grilling meat and other food items. This is because since they do not use fire to cook food, they can be quite useful to people living in small apartments where other types of grills are a fire hazard. Furthermore, as electric grills do not require fire, the initial setup process is quite easy. This is because you are saved from the tedious process of determining the appropriate amount of coal briquettes required and the process of lighting them up like you would in a charcoal grill.

Furthermore, in many electric grills, you are provided with different automatic settings for cooking different types of foods. These set the grill at the appropriate temperature without you having to figure it out yourself. And as electric grills can come in countertop options that are smaller and less space-consuming, they are again perfect for those living in small apartments who don’t have enough space to store a full-size grill.

Apart from their size, another reason for their portability is that these only require a single outlet to work. Most other grills, on the other hand, need some sort of fuel sources like coal briquettes or propane tanks to produce heat. This prevents you from lugging around large fuel sources with your grill whenever you decide to use it in a different location.

The food cooked on electric grills is also much healthier than that cooked on charcoal grills. This is because when you burn coal, it releases toxic gases and particles that are then absorbed by your food due to the close proximity of the two. In contrast, electric grills do not release any such gases while cooking food making the food cooked on it much safer to consume. Also, electric grills are also a much greener option as they do not require unsustainable fuel sources that damage the environment when burned.

best electronic grills

Cleaning an Electric Grill

Despite electric grills having all these great qualities, they too have their setbacks, and the major one is them being extremely difficult to clean. This is because as they are an electric appliance, you cannot put them in a dishwasher or submerge them in hot water when it’s time to clean them. And as a grill has to cook different types of meats and vegetables, it usually ends up with tough grease and fat deposits that can be almost impossible to clean if not soaked in some hot water for a period of time.

And if you try to use steel wool or stainless steel wire brushes to scrub off this grease, then you can end up damaging your grill if it has a nonstick surface. Furthermore, if bits of metal break off from these cleaning tools and fall into the machinery of the grill, then they can lead to a short circuit. And so, below are the various ways you can clean your electric grills properly without having to use a lot of water or abrasive cleaning tools.

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How to Clean Electric Grills

When it comes to cleaning electric grills, the first step that you need to do is unplug your grill so that there is no danger of you getting electrocuted. Next, let the grill cool a little; the optimum time period for this step would be around 10 minutes. This ensures that the grill isn’t hot enough to burn you but still warm enough for the grease to not completely solidify on it.

Next, using a wooden or a rubber spatula, try to scrape off the bigger bits of food stuck on the grill. Once that is done, dip a cloth or a sponge in some water and wring it out till it’s only damp and not dripping water. Then pour a few drops of dish soap on it, squeezing the sponge or rubbing the cloth together a couple of times till a lather is formed. Now you can proceed to clean the grill by thoroughly wiping it with the sponge or cloth, making sure that no drops of water or soap fall inside it.

When you are cleaning it, you will notice your sponge or cloth will get covered by grime quite fast, this is why you need to constantly keep rinsing it and re-applying soap on it. Once the grease has been completely cleaned off the grill, wipe the soap off by using a different damp cloth or paper towel. You may have to rinse your cloth with water a few times before going back to wipe the grill to ensure that all of the soap has been completely wiped off. Once that is done, dry your grill using a dry paper towel, and your job is done.

Another way to clean an electric grill, especially an indoor one, is through the damp paper towel method. For this, you need to place a few damp paper towels evenly on your grill around five minutes after unplugging it. This will ensure that the grill is still warm enough to release steam from the paper towels but not too hot to burns them up. Next, place the lid back on your grill and wait for a few minutes. As the grill cools down, the steam that is released in the process will loosen the tough grease buildup making it easy for you to remove it.

When the grill has cooled down quite a bit, remove the lid and wipe away the grease. You can do this by using a sponge or some damp paper towels dipped in warm soapy water to thoroughly clean any residual grease or oil that might still be stuck to the grill. Once you are done cleaning, give the grill a final wipe using a dry cloth or paper towel to remove any moisture or traces of soap from the grill. And then you can finally store away your electric grill for the next time you want to grill something.

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How to clean an electric grill that has a nonstick plate?

One of the easiest ways to clean a non-stick electric grill is through the damp paper towel method.

Why should you not use a metal brush to clean an electric grill?

It is dangerous to use a metal brush or steel wool to clean your grill because not only can they damage the non-stick layer of your grill, but as they are prone to disintegrating, bits of metal can fall into the machinery of the grill and cause a short circuit.

What happens if you don’t clean your electric grill?

If you don’t clean your electric grill, then the bits of food stuck on it will spoil and will stick to your food the next time you try to grill something. Not only will this make the food taste weird, but it is also quite an unhealthy option.

Wrapping Up

Electric grills are quite a step up from our traditional everyday charcoal or gas grills. Apart from being eco-friendly and a much healthier option, these grills also cook meat more evenly than most charcoal ones. Furthermore, they are also a much portable option and are quite apartment friendly. But despite all of their good qualities, they are not entirely perfect, as they share the quality of being a pain to clean, with their fuel-dependent family members. And so, knowing how to clean electric grill properly can be quite a lifesaver for many who love to grill.


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